Everyday Skin Care + Makeup Routine 

Good morning lovelies! 💋

Here’s a look at my every day (mostly, lol) skin care and makeup routine. It’s actually pretty simple, and I really don’t do anything super fancy. Occasionally I’ll have ‘makeup moods’ and I’ll do a really time consuming look on my face with lots of products, but most days you’ll see me with minimal makeup on. Or I’ll have no makeup on at all, because my skin needs to breathe every once in a while! 

As far as skin care is concerned, I’m a real junkie. By junkie, I mean skin care hoarder. I absolutely need to take care of my skin every single day, and make sure it gets all the attention it deserves and needs. Which means I hoard products left and right. I’m not sorry about it. 😘

If you aren’t on the skincare train, hop on right now and don’t let your skin get out of control.

*Little disclaimer. This post is not sponsored by any products or brands mentioned. Either way, my opinions and reviews will always be 100% my own. 

Here’s what I started today off with:

This is the Mask of Magnaminty by LUSH. I’m not linking directly to the product, because it is not considered vegan (it contains honey). I purchased it a long time ago before I became more involved with the igredients in my purchases. I decided to use the rest of it up today. I will choose another mask in the future that is vegan. On a good note though, it truly smells amazing and works wonders.✨

Next on the face:

I used my trusty Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk massaged into my face with the 100% Pure Charcoal Konjac Sponge. Then I used a sample size of the 100% Pure Brightening Serum. Both 100% Pure products were gifted to me from a co-worker for me to try. I LOVE them! 💕

Now my face is clean and prepped for makeup!

Now onto the makeup I used:

In order from start to finish:

And of course, our cute kitty wanted to be in the picture too! Morty loves to sit with me while I do my makeup (and mess with my brushes at the same time 🙄).

All of the links are provided if you are interested in buying any of the makeup products you see here. 🙂 

Now my face is done and I’m ready for work!

See you all later!

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