Junk Food Haul + We Try the Beyond Burger

I’m pretty excited for the post today!


Because I finally got to give the Beyond Meat Burger a try.😱

I pulled all of the info about it from the Beyond Meat website.👈

A little disclaimer: This review is not sponsored by any of the companies or brands mentioned. All opinions either way will remain 100% my own!✨

Why eat these instead of animal-based meats? If the reasons aren’t obvious yet, here’s some more to consider.👇

Finally, we come down to the ingredients and the nutrition facts.

You’ll notice that the fat and calorie content is very much on the same level as if you were eating a meat-based burger. Except, you are getting your nutrition from plants! These are not ‘healthy’ by any means, and have been designed to replicate (and hopefully replace) animal meats.

Let’s find out how they were!

Here’s my small junk food haul of vegan goodness. See those ‘provolone’ slices? They are literally the best cheese substitute I have ever had, and they truly taste like real provolone. My boyfriend likes them too!

I also grabbed some Tofurky sandwich slices that were on sale.✨ The Parmesan shreds were something I had never tried yet, and they were delicious in pasta and sprinkled inside a veggie stromboli.

The Beyond Meat burgers come in a package of two. They cost $7.50 at the health food market that I occasionally visit. I was definitely not thrilled about the price tag. 🤷‍♀️

Here’s what the patties look like. 👀

Pretty scary close to what real beef patties look like right?

*Oh, and my boyfriend and I agreed that they smelled like a can of cat food.😼

Obviously the first step in burger preparation is to toast your buns. 🔥

Drinking a sour beer while you wait is a great idea too. (Thanks to my friend Kayla, I’m hooked on these.)

Once the buns were put aside, I greased up the pan with some cooking spray and threw the patties in for 3-4 minutes on each side.

They browned up pretty nicely, but still had a lingering cat food like smell during the cooking process. My boyfriend wasn’t sure he would like these at this point!

On my finished patty I added lettuce, tomato, two pickle slices, a ‘provolone’ style slice of cheese, and some ketchup and mustard. All that was missing was fries! 🍟

Let me tell you, it was hard to believe I was still a vegan after I took one bite of this burger. 😂


My favorite part of the burger was the crispy texture on the outside, and how meat-like it tasted. I easily think it could fool any meat-eater and get a lot of other people to give plant-based food a serious go. I hope they drop in price someday, because I would easily buy them much more often.

Here’s what my boyfriend had to say!

Josh: “*At first the raw burgers smelled like cat food. (See above☝️) After it was cooked, the texture of the burger itself was the best part. The flavor isn’t quite like a meat based burger, but it is still meat like. There was an odd crunchiness to it, but it didn’t really bother me. I wish they were cheaper. They are the best meatless burger I’ve had so far.”

Wow! High praise from someone that isn’t a vegan.👏

In the end, we both really enjoyed these burgers and would definitely purchase them again in the future. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Catch you all later!

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