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Hey there!

I have a jam packed favorites post for you all today. And just a fair warning, I have loadssss of Netflix faves. They just keep throwing in so much great content and I can’t stop getting obsessed with new shows. If you are a TV junkie, you’ll understand. 😛

With that being said, I’ll start with shows first and move from there!


1. Orange is the New Black

If you really enjoy a majority of strong female characters and gritty storylines, then this is a must watch.

2. Stranger Things

I could say so much about this show and go on and on about how awesome it is. I feel like everyone needs to watch this. Thank me later. 😉

3. Master of None

My boyfriend and I watched this show on what I think was a whim. We were not disappointed. Surprisingly, Aziz Ansari (if you watched him on Parks & Recreation, then you’ll make the connection. Also a MUST SEE show) did a killer job with a lighthearted yet bittersweet story for both seasons. There’s also a perfect punch of humor thrown in at just the right moments. Just give it a watch.

4. Mindhunter

This is a fascinating and gripping crime drama that I wasn’t sure if I liked at first because of one of the main characters (on the right in the photo), but then it turned out I just didn’t give him a chance. Once you finish episode one and maybe two, you’ll be hooked.

5. BoJack Horseman

One of the most impressive satire cartoon shows that turns celebrities, drug abuse, anxiety, depression and the entertainment industry, into one heck of a funny and enlightening masterpiece. There’s going to be another season coming, which makes me soooooo happy.

6. Portlandia

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are comedy gold in this show. They are hilarious together. If you enjoy random humor, and people making fun of loads of different things, then you’ll love this.

7. Dark

This show is in German, and it was also created in Germany. If you understand the language, that’s awesome. If not, throw on the subtitles and prepare for a very deep, twisting, and disturbing mind f$#@.

8. Lady Dynamite

This is the creative genius of comedian Maria Bamford (hey we have the same name!). She portrays herself in a comedy fueled version of the events in her actual life. Mental issues, pets, family, friends, etc. There’s a bunch of awesome special guests in it too.

9. The Crown

Historical, biographical, and purely magical. This is a must see show in my book. Once you start watching you’ll be addicted in no time.

10. Black Mirror

This is a mind bending and extremely well done science-fiction/psychological anthology series with a completely different episode layout in every season. Each story is unique and has its own theme. A couple of them aren’t as good as the others, but you’ll have to watch them to see for yourself. You may end up liking all of them for all I know!


1. Hot For Food

Lauren Toyota is the Canadian mastermind behind the Hot For Food channel. She makes mouth-watering vegan food that will make you take veganism seriously. I guarantee you will be amazed. I admire her a lot and continue to be inspired by her recipes! Check out her blog, and of course her channel!

2. Rhian HY

Rhian (ree-ann) is a British beauty that lives in the US and has a channel dedicated to cruelty-free/vegan beauty, mental health, home design, and various other topics. I love her simplistic approach to videos and thorough, detailed reviews! You should check out her channel. You can also visit her blog here.

3. Blue Ollis

Blue Ollis is a Youtuber I stumbled upon by seeing her videos in my recommended feed one day while I was watching videos about zero waste and minimalism. I really enjoy her videos! She has wonderful tips and advice for reducing your waste and living a more ethical and sustainable life. Go and subscribe to her channel! ❤ She also has a website.

4. The Sorry Girls

This Canadian duo consists of Becky (right) and Kelsey (left). They are crazy talented DIY queens that I have been watching for a long time (they started around 2010 and I discovered them in 2015/2016). They’ve grown to over one million subscribers, and put out videos that will get you thinking about creative ways to make all sorts of things! Here’s there channel and their website.

5. Ellen Fisher

This inspirational woman and her family are a pure joy to watch in every way. Ellen shares videos of her life in Hawaii with her husband and two sons (there’s another baby on the way currently!). She covers gentle parenting, vegan food, sustainable products/buying, and living an overall compassionate and eco-friendly lifestyle. Check out her channel! Here’s her website as well.



This is my beautiful friend Kayla’s Instagram account where you can find pictures of her talented embroidery, graphic design work, and her adorable pair of chinchillas. Go follow her! ❤

2. pairuss

A lovely lady based in Canada that has gorgeous photos of vegan food, esthetics, and herself. 🙂 I love her feed. Check her out!

3. theplantbasedkate

Kate is a Pittsburgh native that takes mouth-watering and awesome shots of the local vegan food scene. She’s also a cat person, which is dear to my heart. Visit her page!

4. hopebeckary

The best way to describe Hope is PASSIONATE. She promotes human and animal rights, and fiercely fights for what she believes in. I admire her non censored honesty. Check out her posts!

Thanks for reading! Catch up with me over on Instagram and don’t forget to tag me in photos with #Sunlightofthemind

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