Current Day & Night Skincare Routine | April 2018

Hi friends!

I recently shared a story on my Instagram about how I haven’t had any pimples on my face, and I got some questions on how I’ve made that possible. Well today we are going to take a look at my current skincare routine and what I’m using daily to keep my face in check!

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Here are the products I use on a daily (some of them are just weekly or every other day) basis. I’ll go in order from what I use first to the last. I will also provide a link


Dermalogica | Precleanse (Night)

This is my first step in washing my face when I have makeup on. If I am not wearing makeup, then I will normally skip it. This is my absolute favorite oil based cleanser that I’ve ever tried. I haven’t found one that beats it yet! It melts off all my makeup perfectly, and keeps my face hydrated. I love this product so much that it’s been mentioned on the blog both here and here.

First Aid Beauty | Pure Skin Face Cleanser (Day and night)

My second product is this surprisingly effective cleanser. I had a sample of it to try at first, and I grew very attached to it after a few days of use. It’s free of alcohol, harsh chemicals, and a bunch of other gross stuff. It’s amazing for my sensitive skin and affordable at only $20 a tube. 🙂

First Aid Beauty | Facial Radiance Pads (Day and night)

After patting dry from my face wash, I go right back in with another FAB product (can you see my obsession starting? haha). I swipe just one of these pads over my face once in the morning and once at night, and then wait a few moments for it to dry a bit. These help with my skin’s uneven tone and texture, along with reducing the appearance of pores. It’s a gentle enough exfoliant for me to use every single day. I have never had any issues with it! I’ve also reviewed this product in this post.

Trilogy | Hydrating Mist Toner (Day and Night)

Once my skin has dried down a little from using my radiance pads, I give my face a very generous spritz of this lovely toning mist that smells and feels completely refreshing. It keeps my skin balanced and doesn’t feel super tacky.

Trilogy | Organic Rosehip Oil (Day and night)

I couldn’t be complete without a great oil moisturizer. This one does it all. It is packed with essential fatty acids and scar fighting power. It’s also wonderful for aging skin and any other skin types. I’m already draining down the bottle I have and I know I’ll be getting more in the future.

DermaE | Overnight Peel (Night)

This is a product I use twice a week, normally on Wednesday and Friday night. I skip the day in between. It gives my face a deeper exfoliation without irritating or roughing up my skin. I haven’t used a scrub ever since I learned about using acids to exfoliate (safe ones of course! 😉 ). They have been a game-changer for my skin and I highly recommend adding this or something like it to your regimen!


That’s everything I have been using lately and it’s been working out just fine so far! I’ll have to come back and share more results if I notice anything long term. 🙂


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