Review | Trilogy Roseship Oil & Facial Mist

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Remember my past post about facial oils? If that sparked some interest, then you’ll love today’s review!

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I’ve been using the Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil and Hydrating Mist Toner for over two months now, and let me tell you… I have GLOWING things to say about them.

The rosehip oil

(you can buy it here)

This stuff is loaded with fatty acids, which help heal dull, dry, and aging skin. It is lightweight, and absorbs very quickly.

I haven’t broken out at all since using the oil, and it’s only helped my breakouts become fewer! I apply two or three drops of it both morning and night, and it is all I use as a moisturizer.

I’m almost completely out of my little bottle, so I actually went out and got a bigger bottle of their Antioxidant+ version of this oil. You can find that one here. It’s packed with a few more incredible ingredients like tomato seed, cranberry, and açaí oils.

I will definitely continue to repurchase these oils. Did I mention they work great mixed in with liquid foundation? Try it out!

The hydrating mist toner

(you can buy it here)

I love this mist because it honestly doesn’t feel or smell like your average toner. It’s free of harsh ingredients and your face will not feel dry or tight after spraying it on.

After I wash my face, I love to give my skin a generous misting with this and then follow up with my moisturizer.

Sometimes I just love to spray some on in the middle of the day for a skin ‘pick me up’. 😀

The scent is amazing too! I highly recommend this spray for dry or sensitive skin. You’ll love how it makes your face feel. 💖

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