First Impressions | Youth to the People Skincare

Hi friends!

I’m really happy to be back on the blog to give you a first impressions post on a totally new brand of skincare. Youth to the People is a line that was created by two men that are harnessing the power of super foods to create clean and natural products. The products are made small-batch in California, and their entire collection is vegan + cruelty free and great for any skin type!

I recently made a visit to Sephora to purchase two of their products.

The Superfood Cleanser is loaded with cold-pressed extracts, green tea, spinach, kale, vitamin C, E, and K, and is pH balanced.

The Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream is packed with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and more of those amazing superfoods!

I honestly don’t have any negative things to say about these products so far!

I absolutely LOVE the sturdy recyclable packaging, and the glass bottle and jar. The design is minimalistic, and very clean in appearance.

After using the cleanser and moisturizer morning and night for a few days, I’ve experienced no breakouts or bad effects. The cleanser has a gentle foam and doesn’t strip any moisture from my face. It has a very light botanical/plant scent which is pleasant and refreshing. I love the generous 8oz bottle size!

The moisturizer comes with a tiny spatula to scoop product from the jar. You don’t need a  lot! I take a tiny bit and put a dab on my forehead and both sides of my cheeks and blend it in. It absorbs very quickly and does not feel greasy at all! The same light botanical scent is present with this product as well. If I want to add some additional moisture or benefits, I’ll combine some of my face oil in with it.

Both products work wonderfully together. Although this brand caters to all skin types, I can definitely say that oily or combination skin would benefit even more from this duo. These are really helping to keep my skin clean and balanced, and I’m enjoying them!


The texture of the cream is so lovely. ❤


Thanks for stopping by to learn more! If you want to check out these products for yourself, the links are added above. 🙂

Until next time!


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