Zero Waste Alternatives | A Beginner’s Guide

Hi friends!

I don’t think I’ve shared any zero waste or green living posts with you all, so I’m starting out with some super easy eco-friendly items that I currently use. I’m hoping this will inspire you to switch out some or all of the everyday things you may be using!

With any lifestyle change, it takes time to find things that work for you. If you want to make a positive shift, you need to put out the effort to do so. Don’t assume that a zero waste lifestyle is too hard. There are so many great alternatives out there that you can use, and once you find your favorites you won’t want to go back!

*This post is not sponsored. Links are included to purchase any of the products mentioned.

Here are some of things I’ve switched out for zero waste alternatives.



Instead of stick deodorant, I now use baking soda. I keep baking soda inside of a glass jar with a cork for storage and it lasts for months and months. If your underarms aren’t sensitive to baking soda, then this option is a serious game changer. Application is easy! I will just get my underarms damp with water and then dust the baking soda right over it. It stops odor all day, and in some cases into the next day. I still sweat, but that’s fine because sweating is normal. You should never try to block your body from naturally perspiring.



I threw away my old plastic hair brush that was completely worn out, and replaced it with a bamboo paddle brush. It is anti-static, anti-bacterial, and massages the scalp to promote better blood flow and circulation. My hair has been healthier and far more shiny after using this brush for a while. You can find it here.


Makeup Removal

I do not buy makeup wipes, cotton balls, or anything that is excessively packaged for the purpose of makeup removal or hygiene. I swapped those out for a pack of reusable cotton rounds. They do the job just as well, if not better! When they get dirty, all you have to do is wash them with your regular laundry or hand wash them. I don’t remember where I got these from, but there are tons of similar places to get these. Here’s a link to some on Amazon.



Once my old plastic toothbrush gave out, I switched over to a bamboo toothbrush. I LOVE this brush! It is light, simple, and gentle on my teeth. Once it gets old, it can be recycled/composted. You can buy it here.



If you enjoyed reading more about my zero waste alternatives, tell me down in the comments! Let me know if you are already living a greener lifestyle and what your favorite swaps are! ❤






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