Side Gigs That I Use to Make Extra Income

Hey there!

Today I’m talking about the ways I make extra income with side gigs. If you are in need of some more money aside from your part or full time job, then a side gig may be a good fit for you!

I want to leave a few disclaimers before we dig into the details.

  • This post is not sponsored.
  • I do not recommend you rely on any of these gigs to provide you with steady income. Nor do I recommend you use them as your only job.
  • Not all of these methods may work for you.

Inbox Dollars is a survey rewards program that pays out money in return for your participation in surveys and a few various other activities.

Surveys range from short to lengthy in their completion time, and they pay out around 50-75 cents each. Sometimes you can qualify for higher paying surveys in the $1-$3 range, but those are few and far between.

When you first sign up you get a $5 bonus. You need to accrue a minimum of $30 to cash out and receive a check in the mail.

Who I recommend it for

Anyone that has a lot of extra time on their hands that they don’t mind using to take multiple surveys, and very patient people. With some determination you can rack up a decent amount of dough. 💰

User Testing is a platform that gives you the ability to become a website and/or app “tester” for all sorts of companies or developers.

You provide user feedback by installing screen and voice recording software on your computer/phone and letting User Testing record your experience.

You are generally paid $10 per test completed, but some tests pay higher. You have to take a small survey to qualify for most tests, which means you may not receive many all at once.

Who I recommend it for

Anyone that feels comfortable speaking their mind and has great attention to detail in describing their experiences, a dedicated chunk of time during the day or evening to prescreen and complete tests, and preferably someone that owns a reliable laptop or desktop computer that can run software efficiently.

Instacart is a grocery/product delivery service. They partner with several stores and use independent contractors to shop for and/or deliver groceries to their customers.

As an independent contractor with Instacart you choose your own hours, and use your own vehicle to drive in your specified zone to shop and deliver orders.

You are paid an extremely varied amount of money based on multiple factors.

  • Size of the customers order, and how many items there are
  • How far away they live
  • How much the customer is tipping you
  • How heavy the order is
  • And other factors that aren’t fully transparent to explain

Instacart has been under fire for a while now due to a lot of controversy over their payment system, changes they have made in payment/policies, their customer service for shoppers, how their app runs, and overall company transparency.

Nevertheless, shopping for Instacart can sometimes be a really great source of extra income.

Who I recommend it for

Anyone with a reliable (or somewhat) vehicle, someone willing to interact directly with customers, and someone that can learn to shop and deliver groceries FAST.

Wag is a dog walking service that connects dog owners with walkers in their area. They offer customers their first walk free, which is a great way to market the service for first time users.

To become a walker, you have to fill out an application online, and then take a dog walking skills test. Once you pass, you have to provide personal info and have a background check processed. It can take a week or two to be verified as a walker, so patience is definitely key.

Once you are accepted, you can make up to $20-$25 per walk depending on the length and the tip provided.

Plus, you get to meet cute doggos like this one!

Who I recommend it for

Anyone that LOVES animals/dogs, someone with reliable transportation to go to and from walks, and outdoorsy people that want to get some exercise while earning money.

Those are the few ways I sneak in some extra cash. They can be really helpful some weeks, and on others they can be a total letdown. I still keep my eyes open for opportunities to gain the most from these apps/companies whenever I can. 🙂

If you have any side gigs that work for you or recommendations on others to check out, I would love to hear about them!

Thanks for reading!

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