Essential Oils | First Impressions

Hey friends! Today I want to share my first impressions on six essential oils that I purchased from a company called Eden’s Garden*. *Quick lil disclaimer. This post is not sponsored by Eden’s Garden, and all products mentioned have been purchased by myself. My honest opinions and reviews are always 100% my own! 😘 I’ve… Continue reading Essential Oils | First Impressions

Five Minute Vegan Sour Cream | No Oil & Fat Free!

Guyyyyyyys! I’m back with a quick little post on how to make the quickest vegan sour cream ever. I stumbled upon this recipe after watching a bunch of YouTube videos on how to make vegan mayonnaise. Instead of mayo, I ended up with a recipe that tastes a lot like sour cream. I put it… Continue reading Five Minute Vegan Sour Cream | No Oil & Fat Free!